Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Palawan! Day One.

Sometimes you just need to get away and reunite with what's essential, which is exactly what I did when I went on vacation just very recently to Coron, Palawan with college friends and some new-found ones as well. It was refreshing, to say the least. The trip was also educational and very inspiring especially on the Culion leg of our trip, but that's going too far ahead in my entry. (Actually, I want to dedicate a whole different entry on Culion as I think it deserves its own spotlight.)

Day One found us going on safari in Calauit. The island was once owned by the Marcoses during their glory years and rumor has it that the safari's purpose was to be a playground for his children. It has since been seized by the government and is now one of Coron's attractions. I felt like a little kid visiting the zoo for the first time, only this was so much more fun with the animals being able to roam around freely! Got up close to zebras and interacted with giraffes. I was a bit disappointed to know that there were no lions, though. I wonder how that would've played out if there were carnivores on the island. Hehe.

Gerry, a young giraffe, is one of many on the island. I think the guide said there were about 60 of them all in all.

Obviously, I fancied taking photos of Gerry.

Feeding Gerry! My, he's got a long strong tongue!

The whole group. I love this shot. It's really got that safari-feel to it, hehe.

After the Calauit safari, it was another three to four hour drive to Coron proper and to the Maquinit hot springs. The hot springs were a great way to cap an exhuasting day but personally, I didn't think it was all that. Or maybe I just had high expectations. You have to keep your slippers/sandals on as the bottom is either lined with rough rocks or mossy sand. The sides of the pool were also covered with a thin layer of moss. Oo na, maarte na ako, but that's because I have something to compare it to.

I still prefer Bacolod's Mambukal hot springs. It has the same benefits and I feel it's cleaner (no slimy moss and you can take your slippers off) and facilities like shower rooms are close by for rinsing. At the time we were at Maquinit there were no working showers (but then again maybe it was just that time). So yes, it's just a personal preference but in my book, it's Mambukal over Maquinit.

The trip to the hot springs basically concluded an exhausting but fun Day One, exhausting only because we had stayed up excited and packing the night prior to our flight to Palawan. Day Two would prove to be even more fun but it'll have to wait till another entry (because I write so slow now!)