Monday, March 21, 2011

The show goes on...but the polish will have to come off

So I had my nails done but it's such a major fail that I'm too embarrassed to post a photo. In fact, I'll probably have it cleaned first thing tomorrow. The lady couldn't seem to get it even with the photo in front of her. It's disappointing and frustrating really, but I don't want to dwell on that. I don't want to blame her.

On a lighter note, I loved my make up courtesy of Mimilism who, by the way, introduced me to primer (and everything else in between)! You see my routine for special occasions and events would usually just consist of foundation, a little contouring on the nose, a little thickening of my barely there eyebrows, blending in some dark eyeshadow, mascara, a little blush and some pink nude lipstick.

Halfway through the night, though, I'd end up with creasing eyeshadow and what seems to me like "melting" makeup. Retouching would help, but I didn't like that heavy feeling of having all that gook on my face. And as for the concept of moisturizers on my face, I couldn't really fathom it as I already have close to oily skin. I couldn't understand the need for a moisturizer when your face looks and feels moisturized already.

Ah, but alas, I saw the difference last night! So thank you once again to Mimilism for doing and talking me through my makeup. (At least I was happy with the makeup. Gah! I can't even bear to look at my nails! That's how bad the art is.)

Hosting went well, save for one part where I "mispronounced" someone's name and he would later come up to the microphone and tell everybody how I murdered his name. For one, I had absolutely no idea he was a guy. The name on my script was "Janes" for crying out loud! I read it as Janes and, because no one seemed to acknowledge, I also read it as Ja-nes, just in case. Turns out it was a "James". The organizers later told me it was a typo that must have been overlooked. Wow thanks, ha.

I won't say I wasn't furious because I was, and I was really embarrassed especially with the "murdered" comment and him asking me, on microphone, if I really thought that he looked like a girl. I thought it was rude of him to do that but then again, as always, the show must go on. So I apologize politely, smile and carry on. Hay!

In retrospect, I guess I can say that the running theme in the weekend-that-was is carrying on, from the nail fiasco to the hosting boo boo. Yeah, that's it, carrying on. What's done is done and you can choose to dwell on it while everyone else moves forward or you can choose not to be left behind and move on as well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Po-po-po-po-poker Nails

In an effort to save money, I've decided not to buy a Vegas-y outfit for tomorrow's gig but instead will go with the classic LBD. As for the Vegas theme, I've decided to translate that on my nails and get a poker-inspired mani-pedi. Oh I'm such a girl. Haha.

So here are some examples of what I'd like to be done on my nails tomorrow.

cardnails from here

Here's another one, although I think this one's a bit too messy. If it can be "cleaned up" a bit, it'd be great.

nail art from here

I'll post a photo of my own nails when I've had it done. I'm actually pretty excited to see this done!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Vitamin C for Cute

Cute story yesterday: I was trying to have my year old niece take her vitamins and she was, naturally, being stubborn. She doesn't like being forced to do things and probably because she felt threatened with me following her around the house with the medicine dropper in my hand, she finally ran up to me and hit me with all her tiny little might. I pretended to cry. Alright, I overdid it. I wailed, mimicking her when she cries. I was expecting a sorry, but what ensued next was totally unexpected.

Normally when we pretend-cry to get her to apologize, she would just come up to us and hug us while saying "laaab" and her equivalent of sorry which sounds something like "tutu". But yesterday, after she hit me and I pretend-wailed, she came up to me, took grabbed the medicine dropper from my hand and put it in her mouth, downing her vitamins with a "fine-then-gimme-that-are-you-happy-now" look on her face.

I love how she loves me enough to take her vitamins so that I won't have to cry! Hahaha!

Suffice it to say, we all here at home ended up laughing really hard we actually DID cry.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm scheduled to host an event next weekend and the theme is something Vegas-inspired. Now I've hosted events where they've given me pegs like the movies "Moulin Rouge" or "Hairspray". But this. This has got me stumped! What exactly do people in Vegas wear that make it distinctly Vegas?! Isn't it all just a hodgepodge of whatever?

So I googled images of Las Vegas and this is what I got:

The second photo makes it seem like they don't wear much in Vegas, hehe. That little Katy Perry number by the bottom, though, looks rather good. Quirky and fun. I kind of like it. So I guess the key things I can work with are feathers (ala-Cancan dancer), cards (Vegas is, after all, gambling capital) and/or a lot of flashy pieces.

Gaaah! Good luck to me! I'm now questioning why I even ever took on this particular event. Oh that's right, I need the money. Ha! So here's to next week and to finding a Vegas-inspired ensemble within the week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

First step is admission

Wow. Just a few more months and it would have been a year of dormancy. This blog would've been a waste of internet space.

Also, just a few more months and it would've been a year since I last felt inspired. This blog saw its birth after a summer of inspiration last year. But where has that landed me? Pffft...old habits die hard.

I know, I procrastinate a lot. I've let myself go, and by that I mean I haven't been nourishing that which needs it the most. I guess that can explain why I get bored easily. I've let things pass me by. I've been lazy. I lack discipline.

Sure, there are things that interest me, but I've never pursued any of it. I always say I want something more but I've never done anything about it.

Sometimes I don't blog because I feel like there isn't anything interesting going on. I've forgotten how to look for the interestingness in the little things. I've forgotten how it is to be awed. More importantly, I've forgotten how to share.

So yes, this may sound like an entry of self-pity, but it's also an admission. Admission is, after all, the first step to any kind of healing, yes?