Monday, March 14, 2011

Vitamin C for Cute

Cute story yesterday: I was trying to have my year old niece take her vitamins and she was, naturally, being stubborn. She doesn't like being forced to do things and probably because she felt threatened with me following her around the house with the medicine dropper in my hand, she finally ran up to me and hit me with all her tiny little might. I pretended to cry. Alright, I overdid it. I wailed, mimicking her when she cries. I was expecting a sorry, but what ensued next was totally unexpected.

Normally when we pretend-cry to get her to apologize, she would just come up to us and hug us while saying "laaab" and her equivalent of sorry which sounds something like "tutu". But yesterday, after she hit me and I pretend-wailed, she came up to me, took grabbed the medicine dropper from my hand and put it in her mouth, downing her vitamins with a "fine-then-gimme-that-are-you-happy-now" look on her face.

I love how she loves me enough to take her vitamins so that I won't have to cry! Hahaha!

Suffice it to say, we all here at home ended up laughing really hard we actually DID cry.


  1. @ Armi: Yep yep! Laaaaab! That's exactly how she says it. Long "a" that can go on forever! Hehe