Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm scheduled to host an event next weekend and the theme is something Vegas-inspired. Now I've hosted events where they've given me pegs like the movies "Moulin Rouge" or "Hairspray". But this. This has got me stumped! What exactly do people in Vegas wear that make it distinctly Vegas?! Isn't it all just a hodgepodge of whatever?

So I googled images of Las Vegas and this is what I got:

The second photo makes it seem like they don't wear much in Vegas, hehe. That little Katy Perry number by the bottom, though, looks rather good. Quirky and fun. I kind of like it. So I guess the key things I can work with are feathers (ala-Cancan dancer), cards (Vegas is, after all, gambling capital) and/or a lot of flashy pieces.

Gaaah! Good luck to me! I'm now questioning why I even ever took on this particular event. Oh that's right, I need the money. Ha! So here's to next week and to finding a Vegas-inspired ensemble within the week!


  1. Go! The event's this Saturday. Free ka Saturday afternoon? And do you charge? :( hehe. I have nothing to wear pa!