Friday, March 11, 2011

First step is admission

Wow. Just a few more months and it would have been a year of dormancy. This blog would've been a waste of internet space.

Also, just a few more months and it would've been a year since I last felt inspired. This blog saw its birth after a summer of inspiration last year. But where has that landed me? Pffft...old habits die hard.

I know, I procrastinate a lot. I've let myself go, and by that I mean I haven't been nourishing that which needs it the most. I guess that can explain why I get bored easily. I've let things pass me by. I've been lazy. I lack discipline.

Sure, there are things that interest me, but I've never pursued any of it. I always say I want something more but I've never done anything about it.

Sometimes I don't blog because I feel like there isn't anything interesting going on. I've forgotten how to look for the interestingness in the little things. I've forgotten how it is to be awed. More importantly, I've forgotten how to share.

So yes, this may sound like an entry of self-pity, but it's also an admission. Admission is, after all, the first step to any kind of healing, yes?

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